Duhaime's Law Dictionary Judicially Cited

Ed. note: It is a mark of distinction and honor for a law book of any kind to be cited judicially (by judges of courts of law as authorities in the legal decisions that they render) or by law professors and academics in articles published in law journals. This is a list of instances in which Duhaime's Law Dictionary has been relied upon by courts of law and the authors of scholarly articles in law journals, as authority on the law. This is not an exhaustive list since only about 1% of legal decisions are ever actually published either online or in print law reports. Further, it is time-consuming to search electronic and print-edition law reports and law journals to identify each case of judicial or academic reliance upon DUHAIME;S LAW DICTIONARY. [Lloyd Duhaime, 2014-05-11]

Judicial Citations (published cases only)

Keating v NS

Law Journal Citations

Kohm, Lynne Marie and Oklevitch, Eliabeth, Federalism or Extreme Makeover of State Domestic Regulations Power: The Rules and the Rhetoric of Windsor (and Perry) Elon L. Rev., Vol. 6, Issue 2 (May 2014), pp. 337-3744)


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