From Ukraine With Love

Born March 3, 1973 at Kiev, Ukraine, as Victoria Zelenetskaya. Her parents were Alexander Zelenetskii and Olga Zelenetskaya.

According to her own auto-biography:

"Growing up as an anti-Communist rebel listening to Voice of America on her Dad's clandestine short wave radio, she dreamed of one day coming to America. Her study of English won her the honour of becoming the first foreign exchange student from her country to be allowed to study in the United States; and she first arrived here in 1989, at the age of 16. Two years later, she graduated with honours from West Chester University; and was then accepted into the unique Law and Psychology graduate program jointly offered by Villanova University School of Law and Hahnemann University Graduate School (now a part of Drexel University)."

Victoria ZdrokHer personal life has been a tough roller-coaster. According to Justice Orie Melvin of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania writing in Zdrok v Zdrok:

"(Victoria) and her ex-husband Alexander Zdrok were married in Las Vegas on October 26, 1990. At the time of their marriage, (Victoria) was a seventeen-year-old foreign exchange student from Kiev, Ukraine attending junior college in Florida. Alex was thirty-seven, twice married and divorced, and a well known Philadelphia lawyer. (Victoria) had consulted Alex, because he spoke fluent Russian, for legal advice on how to extend her student visa. Alex subsequently proposed that she marry him to solve her legal problems. After nearly six years of a stormy marriage (Victoria) sought a divorce.

"During their marriage and while (Victoria) was attending graduate school pursuing a joint law and psychology degree, she was discovered by a Playboy Magazine talent scout and thereafter was selected as a Playboy Playmate in October 1994."

And yet her curriculum vitae is exceptional. She clerked for U.S. District Judge Robert Gawthrop III, and for Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Judge Robert Wright. Her May 2003 doctorate of psychology thesis: The Effect of Judicial Instructions on Jury Consideration of Defendant's Refusal to Testify.

To the credit of her DNA and the fascination many men have with pornography, Victoria Zdrok holds the "distinction" of being a centrefold of both Playboy and the even lewder Penthouse magazine, when she appeared as the centrefold model on Penthouse's June 2002 edition.

To Playboy readers, next to her "legal" stats which were given as "36C-23-34, she stated her ambition to be:

"To make the law serve people, not lawyers. To promote human rights that transcend national boundaries.... Judgment (should) not be based solely on a person's physical appearance."

Also in 2002, Victoria had a daughter, Silvana Maria Wilson, born in a common law relationship with John Wilson, whom she later married.

She still has her own adult site (, $26 a month - warning: explicit adult content) in which she maintains an active commercial interest in the Internet porn industry. The main page of her site is both horrific and disheartening. It shows several adult women baring their faces and entire front selves, including genitalia, to a faceless window of innumerable Internet visitors.


Her mother and sister emigrated to the United States soon after her. On one occasion, they  bared their chests together for an American television show.

On her porn site, attorney Zdrok writes:

"If you find that my site may be a bit too pricey but you still have the desire to see hot pictures of me, my mom and my sis then please join her site!"

Dr. Zdrok once dated Donald Trump. Pundits say she has a high IQ but in spite of her contributions to the objectification of women, she once complained to an interviewer:

"To Trump, all a woman is, is an adornment."

She relates that the owner of Playboy, Hugh Hefner pays his girlfriends/consorts $10,000 a month to which she adds:

"For $10,000 a month, I'd go down on Hef. Not that he's asking, but I'll throw that out there, just in case."

But, circa 2011, still able to make a buck off her curves, she's sworn off the law and courtrooms:

"You would have to pay me $500 an hour, because the thought of dressing up in a suit and going to court is to me very unpleasant. Although I like the theory of law and its principles, I have grown to dislike the practice of law."

The sex expert/lawyer lives in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey with her husband and also goes by the name Victoria Zdrok Wilson (picture at top of article is her MySpace profile picture). The New York Bar Association registry of members shows Victoria, attorney #2984698, admitted in 1999 but "suspended" as of June 9, 2011 (it may be something as benign as nonpayment of dues).

Dr. Zdrok's legacy to the "jurisprudence" of porn:

  • Dr. Z on Scoring: How to Pick Up, Seduce and Hook Up with Hot Women, 2008, Fireside Books
  • Assturbators 2 (adult movie, 2005)
  • Lesbians in Lust (adult movie, 2004)

Her other websites:

Ukrainian Conundrum 

This Ukrainian conundrum intentionally trivializes sex, lives off the avails of pornography and wants to be known as the Dr. Ruth of the new generation.

Where is she going? What is her message? Is she for real?

All very natural questions for what may be the prudish profession of them all: the law.

Certainly in the ultra-conservative bowels of law and justice, Victoria Zdrok could not be more alien, off-the-chart and in some perhaps perverted way, also refreshing.

But no matter how one slices the facts, the moniker of attorney doesn't truly fit this beautiful, smart woman.

This is no attorney that just happens to be a porn star/sex therapist.

This is a very smart beautiful woman, porn star, sex therapist etc. etc .... that just happens to have a law degree.