Circa 2013, there seems to be several American nationa anthems: Star Spangled Banner, American The Beautiful, God Bless America....

But the official, formal anthem is the Star-Spangled Banner and it was written by a lawyer.

Francis Scott Key was born in 1779 on the family plantation at Frederick, Maryland son of a judge John Key. His family was dedicated to the cause of the American Revolution.

Francis Key was educated in law at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland  And he then articled with his uncle Philip Key (who later became a judge and contrary to his brother John, was a loyalist in the American revolution).

At the beginning of his law career, his life was interrupted by the war of 1812,  a short spat between England and the United States. in an attempt to  negotiate an exchange of prisoners of war, Key was held  captive on a British ship in the harbor at Baltimore where he could only watch the bombardment of the American city on September 13, 1814. He was impressed by the fact that a lone American flag still flew on the horizon in spite of the vicious bombardment around it. once released,e wrote and published a poem about it called Defence of Fort McHenry.

he set the poem to the rhythm of the popular British melody then known as To Anacreaon in Heaven, but now known as the Star-Spangled Banner.

Gradually, the song interest itself as the national anthem of the United States of America. In 1916, it was formally declared to be the national anthem.

Key fed off the notoritety and receibed chalening retainers as a result including, to his eternal discredit, the promotion of slavery and nt just as a lawyer, but on a personal level.

His most importyant case was the defence of Richard Lawrence who had tried to shoot the American president Andrew Jackson.

Today, the state of Maryland is rife with monuments to the memory of Francis Scott key, attorney and poet.