In The Devil's Dream, poet Hilary Douglas Pepler (1878-1951; pictured) was hard on attorneys and lawyers.

Pepler, originally a Quaker but later a Roman Catholic, was a little known author except for this verse for which he is best remembered.

Born Harry Pepler, he changed his first name to Hilary.

Harshness to lawyers notwithstanding, what he wrote rhymes ... and it is about the law so it is, by any objective standard, Poetic Justice:

The things that lawyers know about,
Are property and land.

But why the leaves are on the trees;
And why the waves disturb the seas;

Hilary Pepler Why honey is the food of bees;
Why horses have such tender knees;

Why winters come when rivers freeze;
Why faith is more than what one sees;

And hope survives the worst disease;
And charity is more than these ...

They do not understand.