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Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff.

Say that slowly, enjoying every syllable.

She's the smart dame in the District of Columbia who threw out that lame suit (pun intended) brought by her colleague judge, Roy L. Pearson, claiming $67-million for a pair of pants he alleges a Korean dry-cleaner botched.

Judge Judith BartnoffIn a real culture clash that does not leave America, black America or American attorneys looking better, all of which Pearson is, the Korean dry-cleaner answered, when asked about taking Pearson back, (according to, that:

"If he wants to continue to use our services, then yes, they would accept him as a customer."

At issue was, apparently, the import of the words satisfaction guaranteed.

Again, according to CNN Judge Bartnoff (pictured) said, in her reasons for judgment, hitting Pearson for costs, that:

"A reasonable consumer would not interpret 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' to mean that a merchant is required to satisfy a customer's unreasonable demands or accede to demands that the merchant has reasonable grounds to dispute."

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