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Dec 2009

Funniest Lawyer Christmas Cartoons of All-Time

After sifting through thousands of junk cartoons, we have finally been able to whittle this down to present the Funniest Lawyer Christmas Cartoons of All-Time, though we reserve the right if anyone sends us another worthy candidate to add such.

Disclaimer, Notice, Caveat, Waiver, Release and Warning

We rely entirely on the exceptions provided at the Copyright Act, and for which in regards to each image reproduced herein all and any copyright notice is given in the references if not otherwise noted on the image.

Whew. That was a mouthful but hopefully enough to get Justice Grinch from awarding some massive damage award to the creator of any of the following cartoons for breach of copyright which, of course, is not intended but for the purposes of the exceptions noted herein (damn! ... another mouthful .... I just can't seem to stop myself).

All hand-picked by a panel comprised of Mr. Justice [REDACTED], Madam Justice [REDACTED] and Mr. Chief Justice [REDACTED], all imminently qualified.

Voila! Les Funniest Lawyer Christmas Cartoons of All-Time:


sexual harassment trial of Santa


Slip Santa

deadly force


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