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Dec 2010

Beauty and the Beast

The law and beauty are an odd couple.

Carrier Amy The one, an ancient profession rife with tradition and conservative ideals; a beastly body of knowledge to all but the well-informed.

Few, if any hall of justice (law courts) portray beauty other than perhaps an artificial plant here or there in the hallways although the various statues of Justitia may hide her eyes but otherwise reveal a curvy young woman (such as the one over Old Bailey, aka Central Criminal Court, London, England).

But beauty in law, at least in the eye of the beholders, have come together in the 2010 Miss Great Britain beauty pageant which has just given its annual award to a first year Liverpool Law School student, Amy Carrier, 20 (her Facebook picture, left). Ms Carrier is from Southport, just North of Liverpool. TMI or not: her vitals on her Boss Model Management of Manchester, England, modelling page: Height: 5' 8"; Dress: 10; Bust: 32"; Cup: D; Waist: 26"; Hips: 38"; Shoes: 7; Hair: Dark Brown; Eyes: Green

Still even in the bikini-laden hallways of the Miss GB pageant, the law lurks. This is the first year the pageant has welcomes single mothers or divorcées (four mothers made the final cut).

Another legal issue hit the runway as last's year's winner, Ms Sophie Gradon did not attend the gala event nor, for the first time in the pageant's history, make her crown available for the new queen's head - all over a public contract law squabble regarding a train ticket fine.

In those pageant hallways and indeed, sometimes sporting a swimsuit, Ms Carrier won out over 56 other young women in the 2010 edition of the event held in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare. In one of the events of the competition, the law student had to run around the chilly Weston-super-Mare beach clad only in a skimpy swimsuit.

According to her Facebook page, her date of birth is November 29, 1990. She refers to a title of Miss British Model given to her by a television show Britain's Next Top Model Live (BNTM TV).

Along with her title, the "law babe"'s prize includes a modeling contract for the Powershot energy drink, a part in a movie, £5,000 cash, a free photo shoot and all-expenses paid holiday to Southern Italy.

But there will be another prize and that will be the privilege of representing beauty contests against the legion of women and parents who see these contests as an objectification of the bodies of young women, for male pupils only, and representing an unreal ideal of beauty against which for every gorgeous and successful Amy Carrier, there runs many other young women trying to look sexy for some faceless man, and with the horrific shadow of bulimia and anorexia.

Beauty v. Beast.

Editor's note: December 27, 2010: On Dec. 5, 2010, we asked both Ms Carrier and the Liverpool Law School to indicate or otherwise confirm the attendance at this law school of the beauty queen. Neither have replied to our inquiries.



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