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Mar 2009

Rules To Practice By, Bottled in 1890

Judge Yerger's advice to young lawyers has fermented well.

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Nov 2009

Dec 2009
Corri Fetman, Love Lawyer

Corri Fetman, Love Lawyer

In an unusual if not controversial marketing gimmick, Chicago family law attorney Corri Fetman bares it all.

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Feb 2009

Voodoo Sarkozy

What's the point of having a President if you can't "poke" fun at him?

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Oct 2009
Gretzky Law

Gretzky Law

The recent Phoenix Coyotes debacle, in which he left behind his job, is not the only time Wayne Gretzky has had to leave from the side exit of a courtroom.

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Jun 2009

Jul 2009

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