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Nov 2008

Legal Advice to Mark Cuban: Ferme Ta Geule.

Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, like any client that talks to the press, helps himself hurt himself.

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Feb 2008

Sexomniacs Unite!

The rise of sexsomnia as a defence to horrendous criminal acts continues unabated. Knocked down here and there, many are getting through including that of Jan Luedecke.

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Mar 2008

European Road Kill

With sympathies to recovering European traffic victims and their families, and for the hospital food, the solution to your woes is simple. Three words; traffic law enforcement.

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Dec 2008

The Drama Of Life, aka Your Local Courthouse

For the voyeurs of everyday life, there is only the courthouse.

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May 2008

Police: Would That Be Cowardice or Stupidity?

British Columbia experiences two shining examples of police inaction - either cowardice or stupidity - in less than nine months.

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Jul 2008

Banning the Use of Hand-Held Cell Phones While Driving

What is with banning hand-held cell phone use while driving that's so difficult for law-makers? Maybe this will help: The Emperor has no clothes! The Emperor has no clothes!

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Oct 2008

Blogging To Death In The Name of Almighty God

In some Muslim countries, law blogging is a hazardous occupation.

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Mar 2008

Smut, Bellfield and Shannon

Smut, crime and catch and release in the homeland of common law.

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Aug 2008

China Politburo - Take A $%##@!@@ Hike

A lone student stands-down a row of four communist tanks and still, 19 years later, lawyers and international law experts with far less courage, ... tremble and wait.

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Feb 2008

Law and Order in Mexico - A Blast From the Past

Venture off your all-inclusive resort in Mexico and you'd better saddle 'up, partner (and bring a doggy bag and call your insurance broker .... )!

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