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Nov 2012
A Mestizo Among Us

A Mestizo Among Us

I'm coming out. I'm a mestizo.

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Oct 2008

Blogging To Death In The Name of Almighty God

In some Muslim countries, law blogging is a hazardous occupation.

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Nov 2008

Sisters In Law

Not so long ago, those with legal power (men) thought that giving women license to practice law would harm the 'natural and proper timidity and delicacy which belongs to the female sex'.

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Jun 2013
Judge Yeshaya's Judicial Monstrosity

Judge Yeshaya's Judicial Monstrosity

Now-former Israeli judge Nissim Yeshaya's words are unspeakable.

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Jan 2013
Voyage of the Damned, Circa 2013

Voyage of the Damned, Circa 2013

The horrific plight of thousands of fellow human beings - Eritrean refugees - on the Sinai desert - children and women among them - is apparently completely out of the reach of law.

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Apr 2009

Fritz Haber: War Criminal

Because the concept of private liability for war crimes was only developing, Fritz Haber was never prosecuted for war crimes.

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May 2010

French: Language of Law Non Grata.

Lip service to French ... in Canada of all places.

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Aug 2008

China Politburo - Take A $%##@!@@ Hike

A lone student stands-down a row of four communist tanks and still, 19 years later, lawyers and international law experts with far less courage, ... tremble and wait.

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Dec 2010

The Good and the Bad: Judge Stuart's R. v. Moses Legacy

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Jun 2007

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never: Egypt bans female circumcision.

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