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Apr 2009

Deadly Anachronism: Back To The Afghan Future?

Bad law can be quaint and amusing except when the strong, rank odor is new and deadly to women.

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Oct 2008

Blogging To Death In The Name of Almighty God

In some Muslim countries, law blogging is a hazardous occupation.

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May 2010

French: Language of Law Non Grata.

Lip service to French ... in Canada of all places.

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Nov 2012
A Mestizo Among Us

A Mestizo Among Us

I'm coming out. I'm a mestizo.

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Apr 2010

Muslim Law in the Doldrums

Muslim law jurists despise reform on religious grounds. In the legal doldrums that creates, the ancient law gives its love to men.

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Aug 2008

China Politburo - Take A $%##@!@@ Hike

A lone student stands-down a row of four communist tanks and still, 19 years later, lawyers and international law experts with far less courage, ... tremble and wait.

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Dec 2010

The Good and the Bad: Judge Stuart's R. v. Moses Legacy

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Jul 2007

Sark the Lark: Bon Débarras.

The UK Island of Sark, and its quaint one-of-a-kind feudal legal system, reels from a human rights legal assault.

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Jun 2007

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never: Egypt bans female circumcision.

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Apr 2012
The Great Canadian Marijuana Debate Goes On and On and ....

The Great Canadian Marijuana Debate Goes On and On and ....

The made-in-Canada debate over legalizing marijuana is stoked by political promises and judicial decisions. » Continue Reading

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