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Dec 2013
Military Drones: US' Silent Soldier in Court

Military Drones: US' Silent Soldier in Court

USA military drone attacks against known terrorist targets in Pakistan, come under legal attack and criticism.

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Aug 2008

China Politburo - Take A $%##@!@@ Hike

A lone student stands-down a row of four communist tanks and still, 19 years later, lawyers and international law experts with far less courage, ... tremble and wait.

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Feb 2008

Law and Order in Mexico - A Blast From the Past

Venture off your all-inclusive resort in Mexico and you'd better saddle 'up, partner (and bring a doggy bag and call your insurance broker .... )!

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Jul 2007

Turkey on the Fence: More Than Just Mini-Skirts versus Headscarves

The days run historic in Turkey as it toddles between a secular and Islam government in an election under the watchful and frightened eye of a powerful, paternal military.

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May 2010

Iraq Steals, Kuwait Still Suffers

Iraq continues to evade the arm of the law for its plunder of Kuwait in 1990.

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Mar 2008

The Return of the Bourgeois

Much maligned since 1789, the bourgeois of France are back.

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Oct 2007

Playing Turkey With World Peace

Turkey plays chess with the USA in a dangerous game of brinkmanship.

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Apr 2009

Fritz Haber: War Criminal

Because the concept of private liability for war crimes was only developing, Fritz Haber was never prosecuted for war crimes.

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Jun 2007

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never: Egypt bans female circumcision.

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Apr 2010

Muslim Law in the Doldrums

Muslim law jurists despise reform on religious grounds. In the legal doldrums that creates, the ancient law gives its love to men.

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