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May 2011
104 Year Old Judge, Wesley E. Brown. A Modern Solomon.

104 Year Old Judge, Wesley E. Brown. A Modern Solomon.

In June of 2011, the Honorable Wesley E. Brown of the United States District Court at Kansas, with 60 years of tenure, and just after his 104th birthday, will become the oldest practicing Federal judge in the history of the United States.

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Jun 2007
Thanks Judy

Thanks Judy

A DC attorney gets his pants on back-ass backwards and gets stuck with costs.

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Apr 2008

Pro Bono Hypocrisy

Envelope please! (Drum roll.) The award for pro bono works goes to ... John Doe, Esquire and Q.C. ..... because he has the highest rates to his paying clients and he can afford to charade as a poverty avenger!

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Dec 2009
Corri Fetman, Love Lawyer

Corri Fetman, Love Lawyer

In an unusual if not controversial marketing gimmick, Chicago family law attorney Corri Fetman bares it all.

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Mar 2011

Rule of Law Attacked ... By Our Own!

When someone compromises the rule of law, we all need to stand, take notice and object. » Continue Reading

Oct 2009

The Death of the Common Law: Expiry date, 2100

Just about now, but for the economic might of the United States of America, the last funeral bell tolls of the common law would be fading.

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Sep 2008

The Art Of Trial: Private and Confidential!

Trial, for the layperson (read "non-lawyer") is a source of tremendous stress and nervousness. You rarely see standing-room only line-ups at the public galleries of the Courthouse. But for lawyers, they are masochistic labours of love; a chunk of time where the stress is through the roof but so, too, is the intensity.

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Jul 2012
A Law Love So Intense

A Law Love So Intense

A lawyer's personal, tramautic and desperate admission of addiction and guilt.

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Feb 2010

Misguided Well-Intentioned Lawyers: Discover Haiti!

Lawyer groups want to help but a jigsaw puzzle of lawyer money, agencies and a plethora of makeover plans may do more harm than good to Haiti’s dead justice system.

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Dec 2008

The Drama Of Life, aka Your Local Courthouse

For the voyeurs of everyday life, there is only the courthouse.

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