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Feb 2010

Misguided Well-Intentioned Lawyers: Discover Haiti!

Lawyer groups want to help but a jigsaw puzzle of lawyer money, agencies and a plethora of makeover plans may do more harm than good to Haiti’s dead justice system.

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Mar 2008
Old Bailey

Old Bailey

Gentlemen, dust off your armour and man your wigs.

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Oct 2007

CANLii, Poulin and the Future of Legal Information

Backrooms and computer servers never served humanity better than what those of Lexum and CANLii do for Canadians.

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Jul 2009

Mar 2010

Cyber Crime: Behind The 8-Ball

Cyber crime races like a hare, ahead of the law, as you and me pay the price of a tortoise's pace of legistative and statutory adaptation.

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Nov 2010
The Ghost of Columbine

The Ghost of Columbine

When and how can we exorcise the ghost of "Columbine"?

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Nov 2011
Law-Makers and Mental Disorders: Rick Perry Take Solace

Law-Makers and Mental Disorders: Rick Perry Take Solace

American Republican candidate Rick Perry's jaw-dropping affliction of amnesia on national television had better end his presidential dreams. He joins a long list of wannabe law-makers undone by mental phenomena. » Continue Reading

Oct 2008

Blogging To Death In The Name of Almighty God

In some Muslim countries, law blogging is a hazardous occupation.

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Oct 2014

Banks Lose Class Action

David dings Goliath as Canadian banks are ordered to repay credit card currency conversion fees to consumers.

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Apr 2010

Muslim Law in the Doldrums

Muslim law jurists despise reform on religious grounds. In the legal doldrums that creates, the ancient law gives its love to men.

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