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A Ranking of Canadian Prime Ministers of All-Time

Sir John A. MacDonaldMostly lawyers, some better at prime-ministership than others.

Access to Justice Culture Shift on Costs Starts in Québec

Craziness? Chaos? Only time will tell but our money's on Quebec.
Factitious Disorder by Proxy

Factitious Disorder by Proxy, Legal Information Disorder Directly

Ahhhh ... the delightful medical education one can obtain by attending criminal courts on the occasion of sentencing.
HEADLINE: Driver Charged in Crash Involving Tracy Morgan Had Not Slept in 24 Hours, Prosecutors Say

Sleep & The Law

Of all the killers and crime fomenters, who knew?
bamboo strips

China - A Legal History

Twists and turns in time of the oldest continuously operating legal system in the world.
Federal Court of Canada

The Federal Court of Canada | The Legal Primer

Canada's very own national superior-level court.



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