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The distinguishing mark of a 'manifestly unlawful order' should fly like a black flag.... Not formal unlawfulness, hidden or half-hidden, nor unlawfulness discernable only to the eyes of legal experts.... (The) unlawfulness piercing the eye and revolting the heart, be the eye not blind nor the heart stony and corrupt - that is the measure of 'manifest unlawfulness' required to release a soldier from the duty of obedience. Supreme Court of Israel, ChiefMilitary Prosecutor v Melinki and Others, 1962
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Ewen Montagu, Barrister-Spymaster

The rich London Jewish lawyer who outfoxed the Nazis.

2013, Quebec Separatists' Failed Charter on State Secularism

If nothing else, the controversial and ultimately failed Quebec "Charter on State Secularism" is worthy of note in the annals of legal history.
WESA and Roger

Hampton v the North Carolina Pulp Company

A nutty and definitely fishy opinion of the U.S. District Court at North Carolina, Judge Isaac Meekins presiding.
a Crow Indian making a point circa mid-1800s

1873 - This Is Our Land


"The Treaty, you say," lamented Blackfoot, chief of the Mountain Crow Indians to the US Congress in 1873, "has bought all our land except on this side of the river? And what do we get for it?"

Brown v State, 1975. The Opinion of Evans, Given in Rhyme.

Randall Evans formerly of the Georgia Court of AppealsHe wrote: "I am not a poet, and the language used, at best, is mere doggerel. I have done my best, but my limited ability just did not permit the writing of a great poem." You think?! Still....

1848 - The Seneca Declaration of Women's Rights

Mrs Stanton and Ms MottProposed law reform some 3-million years late.


Quebec Man Claims Solar System; Loses in Court

The Moon is MineAll Sylvio Langevin wanted was title to the planets in the Solar System, and most of the moons too. A moment of legal genius?! Mr. Justice Alain Michaud of the Quebec Superior Court didn't think so.

17 sec. clock, Denny v Radar Industries

Denny v. Radar Industries, Inc.

The 17-second decision of the Michigan Court of Appeals.
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