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"Man, with raging drink inflamed,

Is far more savage and untamed;

Supplies his loss of wit and sense

With barbarousness and insolence."

From Hudibras, a long, narrative poem written by Samuel Butler. The subject of the poem is a knight called Hudibras, a vain and arrogant character.

The quotation was one of many rallying cries of the temperance movement that sprouted in America in the 1800s.

Many a lawyer has attended jail where his young client bemoans that he can either not remember the crime committed or can remember it but because of alcohol, did not know what he was doing.

Every prison is well-stocked with persons incarcerated for a single event which though drenched in alcohol, had injurious if not fatal consequence.

There is another, similar quote given to us by A. B. Richmond:

"The hand that should shield the wife from ill, in drunken wrath is raised to kill."


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