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“The house of everyone is his castle, and if thieves come to a man’s house to rob or murder, and the owner or his servants kill any of the thieves in defence of himself and his house, it is no felony and he shall lose nothing.”

Semayne’s Case (1604) 77 E.R. 194

As Judge Labach wrote in R. v Stonechild:

"The sanctity of a man’s house has roots that run deep in the history of our rule of law.... And while this principle has been refined and restated over the years, it is still essential for the well being of the individual in today’s society.  A person’s home is the one place where he or she can seek refuge from life’s stresses, relax with family or friends or simply feel safe from the everyday activity of the community.  A violation of that sanctity is not to be taken lightly."