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29. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any free Negro, mulatto or mustizo, or any slave, shall harbour, conceal or entertain any slave that shall run away or shall be charged or accused with any criminal matter, every free Negro, mulatto and mustizo, and every slave, who shall harbour, conceal or entertain any such slave, being duly convicted thereof, according to the directions of this Act, if a slave, shall suffer such corporal punishment, not extending to life or limb, as the justice or justices who shall try such slave shall, in his or their discretion, think fit;

    And if a free Negro, mulatto or mustizo, shall forfeit the sum of ten pounds, current money, for the first day, and twenty shillings for every day after, to the use of the owner of owners of such slave so to be harboured, concealed or entertained, as aforesaid, to be recovered by warrant, under the hand and seal of any one of his Majesty's justices of the peace, in and for the county where such slave shall be so harboured, concealed or entertained, in like manner as debts are directed to be recovered by the Act for trial of small and mean causes;

    And that in case such forfeitures cannot be levied, or such free Negroes, mulattos or mustizoes shall not pay the same, together with the charges attending the prosecution, such free Negro, mulatto or mustizo shall be ordered by the said justice to be sold at public outcry, and the money arising by such sale shall, in the first place, be paid and applied for and towards the forfeiture due, made payable to the owner or owners, and the charges attending the prosecution and sale, and the overplus, (if any,) shall be paid by the said justice into the hands of the public treasurer, to be afterwards paid and applied in such manner as by the General Assembly of this Province shall be directed and appointed.

30.    And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that no slave who shall dwell, reside, inhabit or be usually employed in Charlestown, shall presume to buy, sell, deal, traffic, barter, exchange or use commerce for any goods, wares, provisions, grain, victuals, or commodities, of any sort or kind whatsoever, (except as hereinafter particularly excepted and provided, and under such provisos, conditions, restrictions and limitations as are herein particularly directed, limited and appointed) on pain that all such goods, wares, provisions, grain, victuals or commodities, which by any slave shall be so bought, sold, dealt, trafficked or bartered for, exchanged or used in commerce, shall be sized and forfeited, and shall be sued for and recovered before any one justice assigned to keep the peace in Charlestown, and shall be applied and disposed of, one half to him or them who shall seize, inform and sue for the same, and the other half to the commissioners of the poor of the parish of St. Philips, Charlestown; and moreover, that the said justice shall order every slave who shall be convicted of such offence, to be publicly whipped on the bare back, not exceeding twenty lashes;

black female slave holding white girl    Provided always that it shall and may be lawful for any slave who lives or is usually employed in Charlestown, after such license and ticket as hereinafter is directed shall be obtained, to buy or sell fruit, fish and garden stuff, and to be employed as porters, carters or fishermen, and to purchase anything for the use of their masters, owners or other person who shall have the charge and government of such slave, in open market, under such regulations as are or shall be appointed by law concerning the market of Charlestown, or in any open shop kept by a white person.

31.    And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that no slave or slaves whatsoever, belonging to Charlestown, shall be permitted to buy any thing to sell again, or to sell any thing upon their own account, in Charlestown; and it shall and may be lawful for any person or persons whosoever to seize and take away all and all manner of goods, wares or merchandize, that shall be found in the possession of any such slave or slaves in Charlestown, which they have bought to sell again, or which they shall offer to sale upon their own accounts, in Charlestown, one half of which shall be to the use of the poor of the said parish, and the other to the informer, and shall be adjudged and condemned by any justice of the peace in the said parish.

32.    And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any keeper of a tavern or punch house, or retailer of strong liquors, shall give, sell utter or deliver to any slave, any beer, ale, cider, wine, run, brandy, or other spirituous liquors, or strong liquor whatsoever, without the license or consent of the owner, or such other person who shall have the care or government of such slave, ever person so offending shall forfeit the sum of five pounds, current money, for the first offence, and for the second offence, ten pounds; and shall be bound in recognizance in the sum of one hundred pounds, current money, with one or more sufficient sureties, before any of the justices of the court of general sessions, not to offend in the like kind, and to be of good behaviour, for one year; and for want of such sufficient sureties, to be committed to prison without bail or mainprize, for any term not exceeding three months.

33.    And whereas, several owners of slaves do suffer their slaves to go and work where they please, upon conditions of paying to their owners certain sums of money agreed upon between the owner and the slave; which practice has occasioned such slaves to pilfer and steal, to raise money for their owners, as well as to maintain themselves in drunkenness and evil courses; for prevention for which practices for the future,

    Be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, that no owner, master or mistress of any slave, after the passing of this Act, shall permit or suffer any of his, her or their slaves to go and work out of their respective houses of families, without a ticket in writing, under pain of forfeiting the sum of ten pounds, current money, for every such offence, to be paid the one half to the church-wardens of the parish, for the use of the poor of the parish in which the offence is committed, and the other half to him or them that will inform and sue for the same, to be recovered in the same way as debts are by the Act for the trail of small and mean causes.

    And every person employing any slave without a ticket from the owner of such slave, shall forfeit to the informer five pounds, current money, for each day he so employees such slave, over and above the wages agreed to be paid such slave for his work; provided that the said penalty of five pounds per diem, shall not extend to any person whose property in such slave is disputable; and provided, that nothing herein contained shall hinder any person or persons from hiring out by the year, week, or day, or any other time, any Negroes or slaves, to be under the care and direction of his or their owner, master or employer, and that the master is to receive the whole of the earnings of such slave or slaves, and that the employer have a certificate or note, in writing, of the time or terms of such slave's employment, from the owner, attorney or overseer of every such slave, severally and respectively.

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