Timetable of Legal History logoAlso known as Lex Ripuaria; a Germanic legal code developed by the Franks under Dagobert I and which comprised of the legal customs of those Franks that resided in what is now Northeastern France.


The Franks of what is now Northeastern France (the Burgundians), eventually merged with their Western countrymen, the Salics, also known in Latin as the Salii Franks.

The Lex Ribvaria was, like the people it purported to order, of German origin. Just as with the Salic Law from which it is mostly inspired, the Lex Ribvaria had a wergeld system, with some particular adjustments and with the notable omission of a wergeld for the king.

A unique feature not found in its predessors including the Salic laws: trial by battle.

The Lex Rivaria was one of Dagobert I’s most important legacies.


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