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Hammurabi's Code, 1780 BC

  • Object type: Document
  • Formal Title: Hammurabi's Code, 1780 BC, Stela: "Code of Hammurabi"
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date Created: circa 1780 BC
  • Origin: Sippar, Babylon
  • Current Location: Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Hammurabi's stele (stele: a stone which stands upright), was discovered at  Susa, Iran in 1901 complete, but in three pieces.

Hammurabi's Code (complete code) is the oldest full original written text of law that exists. There were older Sumerian legal codes but they have either been destroyed or have not yet been uncovered, except for fragments or extracts or references in collateral archeological finds.

Standing at seven feet tall, the imposing black stele is an international and sacred symbols of law and legal history and, arguably, the most important. The basalt slab has, at top, a carving of Hammurabi standing in submission before a sun-god called "Shamash".

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