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Divine Wisdom and Law (1825)

  • Object type: Painting
  • Formal Title: La sagesse divine donnant des lois aux rois et aux legislateurs, entouree de l'equite et de la prudence
  • Creator: Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse
  • Date Created: 1825
  • Origin: France
  • Current Location: Louvre Museum, Paris, France

In this painting at the Louvre, the French painter, Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse, portrays man's receipt of law from the Heavens; the Ten Commandments.

In the first row facing the angels and receiving the "Divine Law" are Moses as well as Numa (Rome), Queen Semiramis of Babylon, Romulus (Rome), Confucius (China), Muhammad (570-632), Charlemagne (France, 768-814) and Alfred the Great (England, 871-899). In the background are the kings of France, from Clovis I (481-609) to Louis XVIII (1795-1824).

Mauzaisse was an extraordinary painter.

Divine Wisdom represents the view that law is a gift from God to allow humans to avoid the pain and suffering of anarchy and attain greatness through peace and order.

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