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Survey rock, Mesopotamia, 1125 BC

  • Object type: Document
  • Formal Title: Eannashumiddina's Kudurru 1125 BC, Stone kudurru
  • Creator: unknown Mesopotamian
  • Date Created: 1125 BC
  • Origin: Babylon
  • Current Location: London Museum, London

Eannashumiddina was governor of Southern Babylon when he gifted land to an unknown person between 1125 and 1100 BC.

For this, he used the uniquely Mesopotamian legal tool of a kudurru - a stone upon which a lord delimited land given to a specific vassal, or conditions of use.

On this kudurru, the public record of Eannashumiddina's gift could be situated right on the boundary of the land as public notice of the beneficiary's ownership, and withstand the elements.

Under the top strip of engravings representing various and relevant gods, the boundaries of the gifted land are described in the lower half of the stone, in cuneiform text upon the stone, as are the names of the surveyors.

This Babylonian gift document included ominous curses, which are asserted to deter away any person who might be inclined to call into question the gift, or remove or damage the stone.

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