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Desperate Submissions, Riel to his Jury, Canada, 1885.

  • Object type: Photo
  • Formal Title: Riel to the Jury
  • Creator: unknown photographer
  • Date Created: 1885
  • Origin: National Archives, Canada
  • Current Location: Ottawa

In March of 1885, Louis Riel led an armed rebellion in what is now the Canadian province of Manitoba.

It was short-lived and in May of 1885, he was arrested and charged with treason.

Twice during his five-day trial, and while standing, a desperate Riel made his own submissions to the six-person jury (on the left); unsuccessfully as he was convicted on August 1, 1885. The photographer catches Riel during his submissions in a packed Regina courtroom.

Riel was hanged on November 16, 1885.

Cameras are not allowed in the court rooms of most jurisdictions, the USA being the exception. This picture is an anomaly.

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