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Barrister James Crispi After 1973 IRA Bombing of Old Bailey

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  • Formal Title: No formal title, Barrister James Crispi After 1973 IRA Bombing of Old Bailey
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  • Date Created: 1973

Irish Republican Army (IRA) terrorist Gerry Kelly parked a car loaded with bombs on the precincts of Old Bailey on March 8, 1973. When it exploded, one person was killed (Frederick Milton) and 180 injured including 45-year old barrister Caesar James Crespi (1928-1992), shown in this image bandaged  and with his tattered barrister shirt ripped open, being led away for medical treatment.

When Crespi died in 1992, the obituary published in the Independent noted:

"An IRA bomb outside the Old Bailey in 1972 knocked him over and would have killed him had he not been so fat. The surgeons told him that pieces of the bomb were still inside him, but that it would require a major archaeological expedition to find them and they were better left alone."

Kelly, then 19, was sentenced to life in prison but he escaped in 1983, was recaptured in the Netherlands in 1989 and although extradited, was released as part of the extradition agreement even though he had been found with a large cache of arms and explosives. In 2007, as part of a peace process, the IRA having agreed to disarm, were allowed to form a government on which sat Gerry Kelly. At one point, Kelly was Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Policing and Justice!


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