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Sir Edward Coke

  • Object type: Painting
  • Formal Title: Sir Edward Coke
  • Creator: John Payne
  • Date Created: circa 1629
  • Origin: unknown
  • Current Location: National Portrait Gallery, LOndon

As with so many images as old as this one (1629), there are so many copies of copies that it is hard to know who the original artist of this particular engraving was.

Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) was, of course, another icon of British law as well as a very active partition. But he was also very controversial and he is not universally admired, and he had a secret life.

In the history of law, the name of Edward Coke is inseparable from the name of Francis Bacon with whom he seemed to have a lifelong competition in both women and in standing.

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