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Calendar Day Definition:

In some jurisdictions, a period of time from midnight to midnight. In others, a full 24 hour period (eg. 3 am to 3 am).

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The 2010 General Construction Law of New York, Article 2, §19, defines a calendar day as follows:

"A calendar day includes the time from midnight to midnight.


"Sunday or any day of the week specifically mentioned means a calendar day."

This interpretation was reiterated in the 1940 case, Lanni v Grimes, in which Justice Lapham of the New York Supreme Court for Monroe County had before him the 1940 version  of that statutory definition and wrote:

"The General Construction Law (of New York) defines a calendar day as including the time from midnight to midnight. Nevertheless, courts will take notice of the fractions of a day, when there are conflicting rights, for the determination of which it is necessary for them to do so.

"As a general rule the court does not inquire into the fractions of a day, except for the purpose of guarding against injustice....

"The law does not regard fractions of a day, except in cases where the hour itself is material, as in the case where priority of judgments is in question."

However, in Guillory, Justice Blanche of the the Supreme Court of Louisiana preferred a definition of "a full 24-hour period" although it was opined in the context of a specific statute:

"[T]he term calendar days is meant to indicate a full twenty-four hour period....”


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