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Car Ringing Definition:

The movement of stolen vehicles through to sale to unsuspecting new purchasers.

In R v Khan, Justice Hill of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice wrote:

"Car ringing is an expression used in the English caselaw to refer to the movement of stolen vehicles through to sale to unsuspecting new purchasers and whatever the profit directly gained by each conspirator, the loss individually and collectively to the hapless owners of the stolen cars is considerable. The success of a ringing operation involves the switching of vehicle number plates or outfitting with false identification plates. Ringing is considered a serious form of handling of stolen propertt. [T]he ringing of a stolen vehicle is prevalent, highly disruptive, and a potentially dangerous criminal activity."

In R v Anderson & Pritchard:

"It is well known that this kind of offence is prevalent. It involves at least three stages. Firstly the acquisition of a motor vehicle, either bought in a damaged condition or more usually stolen; the next stage is the conversion of the vehicle by giving it false identification, changing for example the engine number or the chassis number and/or the chassis number and the licence plates and so on — it sometimes involves, for example, the respraying of the vehicle — and of course all that requires premises where the work can take place; the final and vital stage is the disposal of the vehicle in such a way that the purchaser is unaware of its true character."



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