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Cybersquatting Definition:

The bad faith registration of trademarks, as domain names, by non-trademark owners, who then try to sell the domain names back to the trademark owners.

In a 2009 decision of Justice Joyner of the United States District Court, (Pennsylvania), the Court wrote, at footnote #9 of Delaware Valley Financial Group, Inc. v. Principal Life Insurance Company:

"Cybersquatting has come to mean the bad faith, abusive registration and use of the distinctive trademarks of others as Internet domain names, with the intent to profit from the goodwill associated with those trademarks. In essence, it forces the rightful owners of the marks to pay for the right to engage in electronic commerce under their own brand name."

Similarly, Justice Hurley of the same Court (but sitting in New York), adopted these words, in Hamptons Locations Inc. v Rubens:

"Cybersquatting involves the registration as domain names of well-known trademarks by non-trademark holders who then try to sell the names back to the trademark owners."


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