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traffic lawTraffic law regulates the relative safety of pedestrians, drivers and passengers in the high-speed, high-risk world of motor vehicles.

A right of way to serve a limited neighborhood for local convenience and not for general passage.
A muscle-propelled two-wheeled vehicle.
A roadway of more than ordinary width and in a more elaborate style than an ordinary street.
A device which records alcohol impairment.
A structure which spans an obstruction and which affords passage to people or things.
Dangerous Driving
The operating of a motor vehicle in a manner which has as one of its inherent qualities the exposure of the public to harm or injury.
A deterioration of an individual’s judgment and decrease in his or her’s physical ability. Used primarily in criminal law; driving under the influence of alcohol or disability law in regards to a person’s physical or mental impairment.
Jay Walking
Violation of traffic regulations, particularly when crossing a street or road other than at an intersection, or failure to used designated pedestrian crosswalks or to obey pedestrian traffic signals.
A motor vehicle with two wheels in the same plane designed to convey people.
A breach of a duty to take care.
A person holding, in control or inside a thing such as a motor vehicle or rented premises.
An individual travelling on foot.
Physical Control
Having the means to initiate any movement of, and in close proximity to the operating controls of a vehicle.
Proper Lookout
The legal obligation on the part of a vessel or motor vehicle operator to keep an ongoing watch of its path and other traffic or obstacles.
A public way or road, usually urban, and embraces the surface from side to side and end to end.
Any thing that is designed to transport persons or objects.
Zebra Crossing
Striped white or yellow lines painted on asphalted streets indicating a pedestrian crosswalk.

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