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Education Definition:

Imparting of knowledge; academic instruction and professional training.

Related Terms: School

In 1931, within a judicial opinion titled Weyl, Justice Manton of the US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, adopted these words:

"Education (is) ... imparting or acquisition of knowledge; mental or moral training; cultivation of the mind, feelings and manners.

"Education ... connotes all those processes cultivated by a given society as means for the realization in the individuals of the ideals of the community as a whole."

educationA similarly broad definition was given in Jones, Justice Murrah writing accepted this definition of education:

"... acquiring information and inspirational suggestions which cause the individual to think and act along proper lines."

In the context of income tax law and charity status, Canada's Supreme Court defined education using these words in Vancouver Society, at ¶77 and ¶161:

"... a fundamental process of learning which is aimed at preparing either for life in general or for a large purpose such as a particular profession or trade, and is in any event without an immediately utilitarian focus....

"... information or training is provided in a structured manner and for a genuinely educational purpose - that is, to advance the knowledge or abilities of the recipients - and not solely to promote a particular point of view or political orientation."


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