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Exordium Definition:

Latin: introduction.

Related Terms: Preamble

In an agreement, the exordium would describe the document, the party(ies) to it and possibly the date.

In other legal documents or, in ancient times, the exordium is the beginning of a speech or oral presentation such as a legal argument.

The exordium also typically set out the question or issues under discussion.

In the testamentary document under consideration in the Matter of the Estate of Feglety, the Colorado Court of Appeals, identified this part of the Will as the exordium:

"I, Henrietta K. Fegley, being of sound mind and disposing memory, declare this instrument to be my last will and testament."

ExordiumIn a 2013 publication for the British Columbia Continuing Legal Education Society, Vancouver lawyer John-Paul Boyd writes:

"The exordium is the section at the start of an agreement that introduces (describes) the agreement and the parties."


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