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Halfway House Definition:

A temporary group home designed to facilitate the reentry into society of prison inmates.

In Libolt v Irondequoit, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York described a halfway house as follows:

"... a temporary group housing program designed to facilitate the reentry into society of men who had recently been incarcerated based on their convictions of nonviolent drug or alcohol related crimes."

Most justice systems, for the purposes of sentencing, equate time in a halfway house as the equivalent of day parole.

Halfway house impose strict conditions which a resident must obey above and beyond any other parole conditions. Examples include prohibitions of alcohol consumption and curfews.

Misconduct while residing in a halfway house results in the individual being returned to incarceration (prison).

A person who walks away from a halfway house is considered to be at-large and quickly subjected to an arrest warrant.

Halfway house are either managed directly by the prison authorities or contracted-out to specialized agencies.


  • Matter of Libolt v. Town of Irondequoit, 885 NYS 2d 806 (2009)

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