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Hawker Definition:

A person who goes about carrying goods from house to house to endeavour to sell them there.

In R v Wolfe, Justice Wetmore of the North-West Provinces Chambers held that a hawker was synonymous to pedlar:

"[H]awker or pedlar, that is, a person who goes about the country carrying his goods with him from house to house to sell or endeavour to sell them there."

Similarly, in R v Coutts, Justice Rose of the Ontario High Court of Justice had previously written:

"Hawker is defined to be an itinerant trader who goes about from place to place, carrying with him and selling wares. One who sells his wares by proclaiming them on the street. Pedlar, a hawker in small wares. One who travels the country with small commodities."


  • R v Coutts, 5 O.R. 644 (1884)
  • R v Wolfe, 4 W.L.R. 553 (1906)

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