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Interculturalism Definition:

A government policy regarding the relationship between a cultural majority and cultural minorities, which emphasizes integration by exchange and interaction.

Related Terms: Pluralism, Multiculturalism

Authors Bouchard and Charles Taylor proposed this definition of interculturalism in their 2008 report to the Quebec Government:

"... a policy or model that advocates harmonious relations between cultures based on intensive exchanges centred on an integration process that does not seek to eliminate differences while fostering the development of a common identity."

In May of 2011, Professor Bouchard graciously supplied us with this definition upon our request:

"Interculturalism arbitrates within a nation the relationship between a cultural majority and cultural minorities (by emphasizing) integration and promoting exchange and interaction."


  • Bouchard, Gerald, What Is Interculturalism?, 56:2 McGill L. J. 435, (2011)
  • Bouchard, G. and Taylor, C., Building the Future: A Time for Reconciliation (Quebec: Government of Quebec, 2008), page 286.
  • Duhaime.org wishes to acknowledge and thank Professor Gérard Bouchard, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi for his assistance in preparing this legal definition.

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