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International Will Definition:

A will which which is valid if meeting the requirements of an international wills statute and notwithstanding deficiencies in form as regards to domestic wills.

In California Jurisprudence, 3rd Ed. (2006), the authors write that an international will is recognized in California because of the implementation of the Uniform International Wills Act. Under that statute:

"... a will is valid, as regards form, irrespective of the place where it is made, the location of the assets or the nationality, domicile or residence of the testator, if it is made in the form of an international will, in compliance with statutory requirements.

"An international will must be made in writing, but need not be written by the testator, and may be written in any language; certain formalities must be observed, but the testator's signature is not always necessary."

For another example of an international will statute, see the International Wills Act of Nova Scotia (Canada).


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