Inure Legal Definition:

To take effect, to result; to come into operation.

Related Terms: Inurement Clause

Also spelled enure.

According to the 1972 New Zealand Law Dictionary, inure means:

"Inure: To take effect."

John Bouvier's American law dictionary defined the term as:

"Inure: to take efffect. To result."

In Cedar Rapids Water Co., Justice Weaver of the Supreme Court of the State of Iowa adopted these words:

"The word inure is defined (as) to take or have effect; to operate."

In Mean v Callison, Justice Turner of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma adopted these words as a definition of inure:

"To take or have effect; to serve to the use, benefit or advantage of a person."


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  • Mean v Callison, 116 P. 195 (1911)

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