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Jald Definition:

Muslim law: flogging, a punishment for some crimes.

According to De Seife:

“[F]logging: the Arabic word is jald, meaning skin, and jalada meaning he hit or hurt his skin.

"Thus, jald (flogging) is a punishment....”

In The Islamic Rule of Lenity, Boston College of Law professor Intisar Rabb writes of the punishments for huddud crimes:
"The punishments for (hudud) crimes were severe... The two most widespread instances of this were apostasy and highway robbery....

"They ranged from reprimand, fines, and shaming to imprisonment, corporal punishment, and death.(listing the penalties: reprimand (ta'dfb), fines (ghurm, ursh), public exposure to shame (tashhir) (which may include shaving the head and parading around town on the back of a donkey), banishment (nafy, taghrTb), imprisonment (habs), flogging (jald), amputation of the hand or foot in some cases (qajt), cross-amputation (e.g., of the right hand and left foot) (al-qa t' min khildf), retaliation (qisyd) or financial compensation (diya) for personal injuries and murder; the death penalty (qatl) (through various methods, including lapidation (rajm) for adultery), sometimes in combination with crucifixion (salb), and other non-punitive legal consequences (e.g., a bar from testifying in court))."


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