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Jura Regalia Definition:

Rights which belong to the Crown or to the Government.

Related Terms: Jure Coronae

"Royal rights, or rights in the nature of royal rights; especially civil and criminal jurisdiction."

These are the words of Mozley & Whiteley.

Legal rights which belong to the Monarch; traditionally, the person of the Monarch but mostly, now, rights the exercise of which belong not to a king or queen, but only on behalf and behest of the Government.

Often used to describe land or waterways; that it belongs to the Crown, the government, and not to some private interest, or even, in some cases, even eligible for ownership by a private interest.

For example, rivers are said to be jura regalia and not subject to private ownership.

In Shoemaker, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States wrote:

"The right to mines of gold and silver was considered one of the jura regalia under the common law of England. In this country we have no jura regalia. Whoever owns the land owns everything contained in it, including mines, unless they be expressly reserved...."


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