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Jury Tampering Definition:

To unlawfully disrupt the independence of a jury member with a view to influencing that juror otherwise than by the production of evidence in open court.

Related Terms: Tamper

In R v T, "approaches were being made to two members of the jury" which prompted the trial judge to conclude that there had been jury tampering and the jury was discharged.

The well-known American defence lawyer, Clarence Darrow was charged with jury tampering in 1911. At his trial, at which he was ultimately acuitted, it was aleged that he had tried to bribe two jurors of a pervious proceeding at which he had acted as defence counsel.

In US v Rutherford, the court held that the fact of government agents glaring at jurors during a criminal prosecution could amount to jury tampering.


  • People v Clarence Darrow (1911)
  • R v T, [2009] EWCA Crim 1035
  • US v Rutherford, 371 F. 3d 634 (2004)

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