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Law Reform Definition:

The review of law(s) which apply within a certain area of the law, and the recommendations for changes therein, if any.

Though law reform is organized and government-sponsored, it is often, but not always, the purview of an independent, non-partisan body of the government reporting to the legislative branch through the minister of justice.

Consider, for example, this description provided in 2013 by the named agency:

"The Australian Law Reform Commission is a federal agency that reviews Australia’s laws to ensure they provide improved access to justice for all Australians by making laws and related processes more equitable, modern, fair and efficient. "

One law reform body refers to the work of the agency as follows:

" It provides independent comprehensive advice to the Government ... and other agencies to ensure that the law and administration of justice are kept up to date and serve (citizens) to the best extent possible. Dedicated to advancing just and effective laws through independent legal research, consultation and analysis."1


  • NOTE 1: Alberta Law Reform Institute, 2013.

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