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Lobbying Definition:

The attempt by special interest groups, directly or through agents, to influence the views of members of a deliberative assembly.

In Burke v Wood, the Alaska Court wrote:

"A lobbyist is defined to be one who frequents the lobby or the precincts of a Legislature or other deliberative assembly with the view of influencing the views of its members."

Similarly, the American Jurisprudence abridgement:

"[L]obbying refers to addressing or soliciting members of a legislative body, in a lobby or elsewhere, for the purposes of influencing their vote."

Chapter 11 of the Florida Statutes (circa 2011), at §11.045(1)(f) to (h):

Lobbying means influencing or attempting to influence legislative action or non-action through oral or written communication or an attempt to obtain the goodwill of a member or employee of the Legislature.

Lobbying firm means any business entity, including an individual contract lobbyist, that receives or becomes entitled to receive any compensation for the purpose of lobbying, where any partner, owner, officer, or employee of the business entity is a lobbyist.

Lobbyist means a person who is employed and receives payment, or who contracts for economic consideration, for the purpose of lobbying, or a person who is principally employed for governmental affairs by another person or governmental entity to lobby on behalf of that other person or governmental entity."

Canada's Lobbying Act defines the activity in an indirect fashion, at §5, requiring disclosure forms to be filed with a public registrar of lobbyists, by all persons (lobbyists):

"... if the individual, for payment, on behalf of any person or organization ... undertakes to communicate with a public office holder in respect of the development of any legislative proposal by the Government of Canada or by a member of the Senate or the House of Commons, the introduction of any Bill or resolution in either House of Parliament or the passage, defeat or amendment of any Bill or resolution ..., the making or amendment of any regulation....,  the development or amendment of any policy or program of the Government of Canada, the awarding of any grant, contribution or other financial benefit by or on behalf of Her Majesty in right of Canada, or the awarding of any contract by or on behalf of Her Majesty in right of Canada; or arrange a meeting between a public office holder and any other person."


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