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MCMI - Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory Definition:

A test to assess specific personality characteristics including emotional factors.

An assessment developed by Dr. T. Millon capable of detecting personality disorders as set out in the DSM-IV classification of mental disorders.

An MCMI may suggest an individual's inclination to conceal or provide unrealistic responses to questions or whether an individual is notably concerned with how they are perceived by others.

Other MCMI conclusions may include:

  • The presence of psychosocial stressors that are causing some problematic symptoms that may be situational and transient.
  • A preoccupation with obtaining the approval of those around particularly those with status or in authority.
  • A finding of socially adaptability and a predisposition to defer to others to gain attention and approval.
  • Insecurity and dependency.
  • Whether the person is inclined to seek socially attractive partners or institutional affiliations that
    will give them a sense of status and safety.

See, also, related psychological tests MMPI and STAXI.


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