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Maill Definition:

Scots law: rent.

Related Terms: Rent

Wharton's Law Lexicon (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1938):

"Maills and duties, this phrase means rents, the word maills being an old coin and the word duties referring to the services as opposed to the money rents, which used to be exigible. Nowadays, the term is seldom used...."

Though the term is now obsolete, maill or maills was defined in the 1992 Glossary of the Law Society of Scotland as follows:

"An obsolete term for rent. Thus, blackmail is illegal rent...."

From Enid Marshall's treatise on Scots law:

"The term maills means money payment and the term duties denotes personal services which a tenant formerly could be called on to perform for his landlord. The modern equivalent for the phrase maills and duties is therefore rent."


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