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Micro Board Definition:

A non-profit corporation, usually of family members and friends of a person with a disability, to support that person.

Also spelled microboard or micro-board.

The micro board functions formally as a non-profit corporation but the mandate is that of a trusteeship, for the receipt and distribution of funding usually for an incapable individual.

The Virginia-based Community Opportunities of Blacksburg1 describe a micro board as a:

"“A micro-board is a small group of committed family and friends who join with a person with a disability to create a nonprofit corporation. Since the micro-board is a structured and legal entity, its purpose is to ensure that the person's circle of friends will endure. The micro-board is dedicated to providing support to that one person. Members of a micro-board have a personal relationship with that person. They act as ‘bridge builders’ to the community, and ensure that the person has opportunities to participate in their community in as many ways as possible.""

get the services he/she wants and needs."

In their 2002 book, authors Al Etmanski and others present a micro board as an alternative to the more formal structure of adult guardianship which would effectively divest an individual from guardianship of her person and of her estate. those authorsdescruibe a micro board in the following terms:

"Imagine a non-profit ... that exists only to serve the program and servivce needs of (an incapacitated individual). That's what a micro board is.

"a micro board is a small society with the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, using no more than five, is comprised of committed family members and friends. This Board of Directors receives funding from government on behalf of the person with a disability and negotiate with service providers to provide the support services for the person. The Board of Directors, along with the person with a disability, directs and customizes these support services.

One Canadian organizatiuon, the (VELA) in desdtibing a microboard, uses the trademark suymbol to msuggest thatb the word itself is a trademarlk of the organization, or of some other organization on which VELA is licensed to use the term. It has also developed a "VELA MICROBOARD ASSOCIATION OF B.C.".


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