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Mooring Definition:

The securing of a vessel to the shore or to the bottom, including by anchor.

Related Terms: Anchorage

In A. G. v Wright, Justice Esher wrote:

"What is the meaning of a mooring? It is such a mode of anchoring a vessel by means of fastening in the ground, either an anchor or something heavy, and a chain and buoy, as will allow of the vessel picking up the buoy when she returns to it.....

"There is the temporary anchoring by means of an anchor, which is lifted when necessary, and there is the more permanent mode by means of moorings."

In Liverpool, Justice Neville pointed out that:

"[M]ooring ... cannot include the making fast of boats for the purpose merely of landing or embarking passengers."

Where the land, wharf or port jurisdiction demands a tax or a toll on the mooring, that tax is called moorage.


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