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Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Definition:

A group of motorcycle owners who band together and who agree to disobey society’s laws.

Related Terms: Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Criminal Organization

In R v Violette, Justice Romily acepted the evidence of an expert (Jacques Lemieux) who tendered this:

"Lemieux (the expert) defined an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang as a group of individuals who band together and do not want to abide by society’s laws.

"These clubs sometimes self-apply the label of “one percenters”. The difference between a regular motorcycle club and a “one percenter” club is that a regular club exists to drive motorcycles and enjoy the camaraderie, whereas a “one percenter” club’s main purpose is to conduct criminal activity and gain control over the area in which they are located in order to conduct that activity.

"Lemieux stated that the Hells Angels is one of these “one percenter” clubs.

"There is evidence of the existence of numerous other motorcycle clubs that are not of the above “one percenter” type."


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