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Proctologist Definition:

A medical doctor who studies and treats disorders of the rectum and anus.

According to Dr. David Naysmith:

"Anything with the prefix, “proct(o)”, will have something to do with the rectum. “ologist” would then be one who studies the preceding descriptor. Therefore, a proctologist is a doctor who studies and treats disorders of the rectum and anus.

"This is a niche market in medicine and a subspecialty of general surgery. Although frequently the butt (no pun intended) of jokes that circulate on email communications, proctologists are valued members of the specialists that deal with gastrointestinal disease. While gastroenterologists are internists who tend to manage diseases of the alimentary tract (lips to anus) with medical management, proctologists are surgeons and deal only with the lower end, that is, the rectum and anus. They surgically manage every thing from hemorrhoids (“varicose veins” of the anorectal region) to cancers."


  • Duhaime.org wishes to thank Doctor David Naysmith of Victoria, British Columbia for the text of this medical-legal definition and who ads, in his original text: "This is a niche market in medicine and a sub-specialty of general surgery. Not a job title well enough known to appear on the grade nine occupational aptitude test sandwiched between, “policeman” and “psychiatrist” (all three sharing similar clients, if you get my drift) but had it been, there aren’t many pimply faced adolescents who, upon discovering that they were perfectly suited to fit the bill would slap a high five with, 'Yes! I’m going to be a proctologist!'”

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