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Racial Pollution Definition:

A prohibition of sexual relations with persons outside of defined races.

Related Terms: Discrimination, Apartheid

Racial pollution was made an offence in Nazi Germany under the short-lived but nonetheless abhorrent 1935 Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor which defined the offence at §2 as follows:

“Sexual intercourse (except in marriage) between Jews and German nationals of German or German related blood is forbidden.”

In one 1942 case against a 68-year old Jewish businessman who was accused of a relationship with an "Aryan", German judge Oswald Rothaug wrote:

"[T]he defendant’s actions, done with a purpose within a definite plan, amount to a crime against the body according to paragraph 2 of the ordinance against people's parasites. The law of ... 1935 has been passed to protect German blood and German honor.

"The Jew's racial pollution amounts to a grave attack on the purity of German blood, the object of the attack being the body of a German woman."


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