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Recross Examination Definition:

The resumption of cross-examination by the original cross-examiner in order to respond to matters that may have arisen during the re-examination of a witness.

Related Terms: Cross Examination, Redirect Examination

Ponzer and Dodd write:

“[R]ecross examination can only deal with those subjects addressed in redirect examination.”

However, later in their treatise, Ponzer and Dodd also suggest that there are two theories extant (as of 2004) in the United States as to the permitted scope of a recross examination; one reflected in Green v US, “limited to new matters brought out in redirect examination”, and the other as reflected in State v Cordeiro, “recross examination may embrace all matters testified to on redirect examination”.


  • Green v US, 718 A. 2d 1042 (1998)
  • Ponzer, Larry, and Dodd, Roger, Cross-Examination Science and Techniques, 2nd Ed. (San Fransisco: LexisNexis, 2004), page 14-3.
  • State v Cordeiro, 56 P. 3d 692 (Hawaii 2002)

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