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Res Noviter Veniens Ad Notitiam Definition:

Latin: Fact(s) newly coming to knowledge.

Related Terms: Res Judicata, Fresh Evidence, New Evidence

flag of ScotlandOften shortened to, simply, res noviter.

The Law Society of Scotland's Glossary defines the plea it as follows:

"Res noviter veniens ad notitiam - things newly come to light, which may warrant the admission of further evidence or even a new trial."

Marshall writes, in General Principles of Scottish Law:

"The plea (res noviter veniens ad notitiam) means that new evidence has become available, of which the party was not aware at the time of the former trial and which he could not then, by the exercise of reasonable diligence, have discovered. For instance, some important document, supposed to have been lost, may have come to light."


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