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Strata Definition:

Title in a prescribed part of a building coupled with a tenant in common interest in common areas.

Related Terms: Condominium, Co-ownership

A form of ownership created by statute, synonymous with condominium ownership.

Some jurisdictions refer to the building/apartment co-ownership scheme as condominium (eg. the Condominium Act of Nova Scotia), others the Strata Title Act. British Columbia began in 1966 with a strata title statute; reverted to a condominium act and more recently, in 1998, returned again to the nomenclature of Strata Title Act.

In his book, law professor Pavlich defined strata as follows:

"... the Strata Titles Act ... property-law regime ... consists of a combination of title in fee simple in respect of a described part of a building or designated air space or even bare land, coupled with an interest as a tenant in common in respect of the remaining (common) areas, either in the form of land, air space, facilities or buildings."


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